Essentials of Writing Announcement Letters

Published: 11th May 2011
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An announcement letter is a document that is written to announce a new introduction, or a success, or a venture. It is used for both business and personal purposes but business announcements are most common when it comes to writing a letter.

Here are some of the common uses of announcement letters:

• Announce a wedding or an engagement
• Launch of a new product
• Statement to the financial investors and share holders
• Announce birth of a child
• Starting a new venture
• Introducing new employees
• Starting new operations in the organization
• To announce the transfer of job
• Announcing a funeral
• Announce college graduation
• Various business announcements

Some of the advantages and significance of writing such letters are:

• To build good relationship with clients and customers
• Strengthen personal relationship
• Enhance the credibility of an organization
• Promote business
• To build morale and confidence
• Also helps build loyalty between two parties

There are mainly two types of announcement letter:

• Positive announcement are often written to announce a happy event or moment in personal life or professional life. Such types should be clear and straightforward and written in a way that it spreads joy and happiness.
• Bad announcements are types that include announcing a mishappening or a tragedy in life. Such letters should be short, clear, and simple. The tone used should be respectful and considerate.

Though the writing is not complicated or tough but there are certain tips and guidelines that help to deliver the desired impact on the reader’s mind. Following are some excellent tips for writing effective announcement letters:

• Start the letter with a salutation and address it to the specified person.
• Write a friendly and short announcement to deliver the right kind of message to the reader.
• Use a positive, soft, and friendly tone.
• The content should be written in a way that enhances customer confidence and goodwill.
• It should contain all necessary information and facts about the announcement.
• Check and verify whether the written information is in compliance to the objective of the letter.
• Write to avoid any kind of miscommunication or any questions later.
• If it is a business announcement keep it professional and highlight all the main points and key facts.
• It should be written in a persuasive way keeping in mind the target audience.
• Proofread the letter for any kind of spelling mistakes, grammar errors, or any error in the flow of content.
• Sign the letter and close it on a positive tone.

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