Writing an Application Letter

Published: 11th May 2011
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Application letter is a formal letter written to apply for a job or gain admission in a recognized college or university. Most often such kind is used for a job application. It gives a complete description of the educational qualification, work experience, personal details, and skills of the candidate.

Probably, an improper and ineffective job letter is one of the most important factors contributing to the high rate of unemployment. There are candidates who fail to get a good lucrative job despite of having commendable talents and credentials; this is because they fail to write an effective letter.

Writing an application is your first contact with the prospective employer and hence it should be written in a way that creates a good expression. Here are some of the winning tips to write a perfect letter to get the desired job:

• First make a draft plan on what you wish to write and how you wish to write in the letter.
• The application should be clear, concise, and professional. No fancy and stylish fonts should be used.
• It is a purely business documentation hence content should be purely professional with no spelling mistakes and errors.
• Address the letter to the name of the person specified in the job advertisement.
• Set yourself apart from the other candidates by bringing to table your key strengths, abilities, and relevant qualifications.
• It is important to mention the job you are applying for and from where you received the listing.
• Then list down in brief all your important qualifications and work experience that you feel can help you convince the prospective employer.
• It would be better if you do a research on the company’s profile and the market competition. In accordance to the research done make sure you write down the relevant keywords to make your letter more powerful.
• Make the information easily readable and leave no room for any kind of misunderstanding.
• Also mention your goals, experience, accomplishments, positive traits, and special abilities that you feel will help you fit the applied role best.
• Write clearly that you’ll provide all the essential documents like reference letter, recommendation letter, educational certificates, and experience certificates on request.
• Ask another person to proofread your letter and leave no room for mistakes.
• Also show how and what can you contribute to the company through your special abilities.
• Include a request for any kind of information you would like to have from the company.
• Close the letter on a positive note.

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